Panel - About

Used fields:
Name Type Description
Scroll-ID (Anchor) scroll-id Explore this field in the Scroll-ID (Anchor) section.
Text ck-editor You should use this field for your title (Headline 2) and a horizontal seperation line.
Element - About
Element - About child You can add multiple 'Element-About' to your panel. Each one is collection of information.
Text ck-editor This is the text for your single about-element which is directly underneath the image.
Image image This is the image for your single about-element. Recommended image size
Width: 800px
Height: 800px
Element - About - Hover Elements
Element - About - Hover Elements child You can add multiple 'Element-About - Hover Elements' to your 'Element-About'. Each one is an icon with a link (for example facebook or email).
Link link -
Icon icon Explore this field in the Icons (Font Awesome) section.