Panel - Quotes

Used fields:
Name Type Description
Scroll-ID (Anchor) scroll-id Explore this field in the Scroll-ID (Anchor) section.
Background Bright checkbox If your background image in the 'Content' section is bright then please check this box. It will transform the text on your panel for a better readability.
Text Position dropdown Decide if your text should be display on the top, center or bottom.
Text Readability checkbox If this is checked a blurred overlay will appear between your text and the image to improve the readability for the text. The color of the overlay will change if you checked the "Background Bright" setting. You can change the color of the overlay in Global Settings - Theme Settings.
Image image The background image for your panel. Recommended image size
Width: 2000px
Height: 1125px
Elements child Add as many quotes as you want to.
Element - Quote
Quote text The quote text.
From text The quote origin.