Installation - Quick Start

  • Copy the the folder Demo Content from the delivered archive into your webfolder and rename it to whatever you want.
  • Follow the Drupal installation process:
    • Select your language
    • Select the installation profile Restaurant
    • Verify your requirements (this will only appear if something is wrong with your server configuration, please visit Drupal system requirements in case you are not able to proceed
    • Enter your database credentials
    • The installation process will start
    • Enter your basic site settings
  • Once the installation process is finished you will get redirected automatically to the landing page of the demo content.
  • The quick start installation requires certain server settings and performance. If you get an error during the quick start installation and the demo content is not installed then please use the Quick Start Installation - Backup
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Language selection
Choose installation profile "The Autumn"
Database settings
Installation process
Your site settings