Global Setting - Navigation

You can add or edit the navigation with the Drupal navigation: Structure > Block Layout > Custom Block Library

As soon as you created a new Custom Block you have to put it into your on: Structure > Block Layout

Used fields:
Name Type Description
Active state for pages checkbox If checked the naviagtion will put an underline to the active page from the navigation. This will ignore active states for anchor-scrolling. Our recommendation is, if you have all of your content on one single page and you use the anchor-scrolling then disable this checkbox. If you have several pages and link to them with the navigation then tick this box.
Element Logo element-logo Explore this field in the Element Logo section.
Links link You can link to internal or external pages. You can use also hash links which you created with the field Scroll-ID (Anchor).

You can decide between "Navi Link" & "Navi Link Collection". The collection is for multiple links inside a parent element. These will expand once the user hovers (on touch clicks) the parent element.
List Title (Mobile) text In the mobile version a title will be shown with extra links underneath.
Social Icons (Mobile) child A list of icons with links you can put in the mobile menu.
Overview of Structure > Block Layout > Custom Block Library
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